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Calculate Your Annual Licence

The price of an annual licence is comprised of two components - access to Q-interactive and subtest usage.

Annual Licence - The more users associated with a licence, the lower the license cost is per user.

Subtest Usage - For your convenience, we offer two payment options for subtest usage- "Pay-as-you-go" with monthly billing or "Prepay" for annual usage which offers volume discounting. "Pay-as-you-go" is only available to Individual Licence purchasers.

This calculator does not include the cost of additional paper/pencil items required for some subtests.


Choose Your Country

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How many users?

Which assessments would you like to use? (your License price depends on how many assessments you choose)

Would you use more than 750 subtests in one year? A complete WAIS or WISC comprises 21 subtests and the CVLT-II and CVLT-C count as three subtests each.

Would you use more than 750 subtests in one year? Note: A complete WAIS or WISC comprises 21 subtests and the GFTA-3 and PPVT-4 count as three subtests each.

You qualify for a site licence. This allows price breaks depending on the amount of subtest units you use per year.

Note: Some assessments are a single test, and may require 2 or 3 subtest pricing units to administer. The calculator will do the maths for you.

Estimate the number of subtests you would administer in 1 year for each assessment.

If you end up needing more than your estimate, additional subtests can be added later. If the licence is renewed any unused subtests will be rolled into the following year if your annual licence is renewed.

  Max. Subtests Units Required per Subtest (Information Only) Estimate Your Subtest Usage Per Year

While you might qualify for a site licence, if you wish to pay as you go your licence will be a regular single user licence. All subtests are priced at $2.20 (Australia) or $3.00 (New Zealand) per subtest, except for CVLT-C, CVLT-II, PPVT-4 or GFTA-3, which count for three subtests ($6.60 AUD or $8.00 NZD).

For a single user licence, subtests are pay-as-you-go and cost $2.20 (Australia) or $3.00 (New Zealand) per subtest, except for the CVLT-C, CVLT-II, PPVT-4 or GFTA-3 which account for 3 subtests ($6.60 AUD or $8.00 NZD).



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