Children's Memory Scale

Ages 5.0-16.11 years

Selected subtests

The CMS helps fill the need for a comprehensive learning and memory test for children, measuring learning in a variety of memory dimensions including attention and working memory, verbal and visual memory, short- and long-delay memory, recall and recognition, and learning characteristics.

Presently, you can administer the following subtests on Q-interactive:


  • Examinee's responses are automatically shown in the Response Grid.
  • Once all Examinee's responses are captured, scoring automatically begins.


Visual and Nonverbal

The examinee is presented a set of learning trials and asked to recall location of dots. A single presentation and recall of a distractor array, then recall of the first dot array, follows. In the delayed portion, the examinee is asked to recall the dot array presented earlier. This subtest measures the ability to learn the spatial locations of an array of dots.


Attention and Concentration

The examiner is shown pictures in various locations within a rectangle. The examinee is then asked to recall the location of the pictures. This subtest measures immediate visual/nonverbal memory for spatial location of pictured objects.


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