RBANS Update


Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status Update

Ages 12:0 – 89:11 years


The RBANS Update provides a brief, individually administered battery to measure cognitive decline or improvement across the following domains:

  • Immediate Memory – List Learning and Story Memory
  • Visuospatial/Constructional – Figure Copy and Line Orientation
  • Language – Picture Naming and Semantic Fluency
  • Attention – Digit Span and Coding
  • Delayed Memory – List Recall, List Recognition, Story Memory, and Figure Recall


With the RBANS on Q-interactive, you can:

  • Access your full menu of RBANS subtests anytime and anywhere, as well as have the ability to add additional subtests from the WAIS-IV, WMS-IV, and D-KEFS if more comprehensive testing is necessary
  • Get your scaled scores immediately after finishing each subtest to increase speed and accuracy
  • Improve accuracy thanks to automated scoring
  • Engage your examinee through iPad-based administration


  • RBANS List Learning, Examiner Intro Page
  • RBANS List Learning, Scoring Page


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