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Technical Requirements

The technical requirements for an optimal Q-interactive Experience are listed below. Note that all hardware is purchased separately from your Q-interactive license.

Browser Requirements:

See table below for a list of common browsers that are and are not supported for Q-interactive Central.

Common browsers


Tablet Requirements:

Q-interactive requires the use of two Apple® iPads® that connect via Bluetooth. The table below lists which iPad models can be used for the practitioner and client devices. The iPads must be using iOS 9 or higher and have 16 GB of storage. You can connect to the internet using either Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Please note: We will be discontinuing our support for iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad Mini in September 2018. You may use these devices until that time but should plan on replacing your older iPads this year. Visit https://www.apple.com/au/recycling/ to recycle your old devices and get credit towards new ones.

* “Supported” models will work with the Q-interactive application but may be more likely to experience performance issues. When purchasing new devices, “recommended” models will result in the best experience and have the longest life span.
** Not supported because the psychometric impacts of displaying stimuli on a larger or smaller screen are unknown.


Where to Buy

iPads can be purchased at any retail store or website that sells Apple products. 

Tablet Accessories

  • One stylus for writing notes and capturing examinee responses
  • Two anti-glare screen covers to minimize glare from interior lighting
  • Two durable cases to protect iPads

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