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How Q-interactive Works

Q-interactive is an  award-winning digital platform that streamlines the entire assessment process.

Step 1: Setting up the client and assessment battery

Q-interactive “Central” is our secure web portal. From Central you can:

  • Create client profiles
  • Choose and develop batteries
  • Review scored data

When you are ready to administer the assessment, you simply click a button and the assessment is sent to your iPad.


Your assessments will be stored in the Q-interactive “Assess” Application (app), on your iPad.


Step 2: Administering the assessment

Two iPads talk to each other via Bluetooth

You administer the assessments through two iPads, one for you and for your client. These iPads talk to each other via a Bluetooth connection.

Practitioner iPad

Practitioner iPad

On your iPad you:

  • Administer instructions
  • Record and score responses
  • Take notes
  • Control visual stimuli 


Client iPad

Client iPad

The client uses the other iPad to view and respond to stimuli

Step 3: Syncing and Reporting

When you’re finished assessing, you can generate reports and sync all your data back to central for secure storage and further review.

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