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How Pricing Works

Q-interactive is comprised of two components:

  1. Access to the Q-interactive platform (Annual Licence)
  2. Subtest usage

1. Access to the Q-interactive platform (Annual Licence)

When you are looking to purchase a Q-interactive Annual Licence, you will need to take into consideration the following:

  • How many or which assessments you would like access to, and
  • How many people or users will need access to your Q-interactive account

Have a look at our Assessment page, to see what assessments are currently available on Q-interactive.

2. Subtest Usage

Once you have decided how many assessments you would like access to and how many users you need, you then need to consider subtest usage. Here there are two options:

  • Usage Model, pay-as-you-go monthly billing - only available to individual license purchasers
  • Site License Model, prepaid annual usage which offers volume discounts.

Learn more about Annual Licence Options and Subtest Pricing, click here.

There are several subtests at this time that require manipulative items or paper response booklets and scoring templates. As a user of these assessment tools, you may already have the necessary components needed to administer these subtests, please click here to see require materials. (Link to “Starter Kits & Required Materials” in dropdown menu)

To purchase your Q-interactive licence now, contact our Client Services team on:

1300 4 PEARSON (1300 473 277) (AUS)  +64 9886 9536 (NZ) or info@pearsonclinical.com.au

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