Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children®- Fifth Edition Australian and New Zealand Standardised Edition

Ages 6.0-16.11 years


The WISC-V Australian and New Zealand Standardised Edition (WISC-V A&NZ) is the latest release of the most powerful cognitive ability measure. WISC-V A&NZ is totally revamped to provide the most comprehensive report of a child's abilities within the 6-16 range. Whilst maintaining the integrity of the Wechsler® tradition, the WISC-V A&NZ builds on contemporary approaches in cognitive psychology and intellectual assessment, giving you a new, powerful and efficient tool to help develop and support your clinical judgments.


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With WISC–V A&NZ on Q-interactive you can:

  • Get access to the full menu of WISC–V subtests anytime and anywhere.
  • Create custom batteries by choosing subtests from the WISC–V and other tests.
  • Select and add a subtest in real time, without having to reschedule another testing session.
  • Administer a more standardised administration and simplify the management of WISC–V materials so you can focus on what is important – the examinee.
  • Scoring integrates seamlessly with KTEA and WIAT to support ability-achievement discrepancy and patterns of strengths and weaknesses analyses
  • Get a scaled-score immediately after finishing a subtest, to increase speed and accuracy
  • Coding and Symbol Search subtests administered using paper response booklets
  • More advanced Report Generation options



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