Wide Range Achievement Test, Fifth Edition

Ages 5:0-85+ years

Measure foundational academics with the WRAT5

The WRAT5 provides an accurate and easy-to-administer way to assess and monitor the reading, spelling, and math skills in people aged 5–85+ and helps identify possible learning disabilities.


Features & benefits:

  • Efficient completion time—test can be completed in as little as 15 minutes
  • Simple administration rules contribute to accurate and timely data
  • Grade-based start points, simple reversal rules, and clear discontinue rules
  • Test learners of all ages using the same assessment
  • Screen individuals or small groups


What's new in WRAT5?

The WRAT5 is upgraded with data reflecting current populations based on recent census information. Updates include:

  • Digital administration, scoring, and reporting
  • Improved identification of learning disabilities
  • Streamlining of rules
  • Subtest improvements


Test Structure 

The WRAT5 provides derived scores and interpretive information for four subtests:

  • Word Reading measures untimed letter identification and word recognition. The examinee reads aloud a list of letters/words
  • Sentence Comprehension measures the ability to identify the meaning of words and to comprehend the ideas and information in a sentence using an untimed modified cloze procedure. Each item requires the examinee to read (aloud or silently) a sentence with a word missing, and then say the word that best completes the sentence
  • Spelling measures an individual's ability to write letters and words from dictation without a time limit
  • Math Computation measures an individual's ability to count, identify numbers, solve simple oral math problems, and calculate written math problems with a time limit. Problems are presented in a range of domains, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and advanced operations
  • A Reading Composite score is created by combining the Word Reading and Sentence Comprehension standard scores


How does a Q-interactive user add WRAT5 to their library?

Individuals with a Standard 7+, TPP, or Academic license will automatically have WRAT5 added to their account.

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